Athletic & Multi-Use Sports Turf

Our high-grade synthetic turf provides a safe, high-performance flooring solution that is perfect for sporting activities and recreational events.

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Synthetic Grasses Make Every Sport Better

Synthetic grasses provide the perfect surface for a variety of sports. From its high performance to low maintenance, it's a dream for stadium owners, maintenance crews and players.

We're pleased to offer Tencate Mono-Slide Pro. Its Polyethylene Fiber, assembled by Golden Bear Turf, is the best synthetic turf in the industry. Find out more about how our synthetic turf perfectly fits your sports needs.


Synthetic Grasses Enhance Your Baseball Stadium...

Baseball stadiums rely on synthetic turf for a uniform appearance and exceptional performance. It provides the best surface for batting cages located in practice facilities, schools and professional stadiums. While concrete wears out baseballs fast, synthetic grasses absorb impacts, prolong the lives of baseballs and save you money. You'll also want to install synthetic turf on baseball halos. Display your team's logo, name or colors on a beautiful surface that won't require hours of maintenance every week.

... Make Bocce Ball More Enjoyable ...

With synthetic grasses, play bocce ball instead of preparing the court. Our product produces true rolls and gives players and fans an aesthetic surface that's pleasing to look at and use.

... Keep Tennis Players Playing ...

Stop paying annual maintenance fees for your personal or community tennis courts. Our synthetic turfs for tennis courts look and feel like natural grass, but it requires no maintenance. Play like a pro when you install synthetic turf on your tennis court.

... And Turn Volleyball Into Year-Round Fun.

Volleyball is fun whether you play in your backyard or with a group of friends. A synthetic product works even better than traditional sand or hard courts, though. It's a smooth surface for a fun or competitive game. No matter what sport you play, install synthetic grasses. They're the perfect alternative to natural grass and provide superior performance. So, get playing today!

A Turf-iffic Choice For Sports

A recent decision by the owners of the New York Mets’ Single-A affiliate The Brooklyn Cyclones to replace the grass surface in their playing field with artificial turf illustrates some of the many beneficial aspects of synthetic grasses. Coney Island’s MCU Park had its interior landscaping badly damaged by “Super Storm Sandy” late in 2012, and, in light of continuing [...]

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